Advantages and disadvantages of coal – History

Coal has been around for quite a long time. Actually, during the caveman era, coal was used as a form of heat source.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of coal, and in the United States, during the 1300s; coal was used by the Native Americans for heating, making clay pots and also for cooking. In the mid-1700s in the state of Virginia, the first U.S. coal mining operation was opened.

For many years in England, wood charcoal was used to provide fuel; however, during the 18th century when men started to discover the advantages and disadvantages of coal, it was found out that coal burned hotter and advantages and disadvantages of coalcleaner. Very soon after, during the Industrial Revolution, the use of coal escalated, as there was an increase in the demand of energy sources.

During 19th century America, steam-powered trains became a common mode of transportation. Coal was used during this time to fuel the boilers on these trains. Concurrently, coal was utilized in weapons production throughout the American Civil War, and a coal residue known as coke replaced charcoal as the main fuel that was used in making steel.

In the United States approximately one hundred years ago, the persons found out the various advantages and disadvantages of coal, which resulted in a widespread use for fueling factories, powering boats and railroads, providing cooking heat, generating electricity and heating homes.

The advantages and disadvantages of coal are still known today, as they were known in the past; and although it Is not as popular as it was in the 1900s, it is still a common source of fuel. Since 1970, the production of coal has increased by more than 70%.

If you are a user of electricity, then more than likely you are also a coal customer. 9 tons out of every 10 tons of coal that is mined today in the United States, is used to create electricity. Coal generated electricity amounts for approximately 56% of all the electricity that is used in the United States.

Generation of electricity accounts for only one of the advantages and disadvantages of coal. Other advantages of coal include manufacturing metal products, ceramics, paper, cement and chemicals. Ethylene and methanol, which are sometimes manufactured using coal gas, are utilized in the production of products like tar, fertilizers, various medicines and plastics.

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There are specific industries that use a large amount of coal such as paper and concrete companies. These companies burn a lot of coal; however, in keeping with the advantages and disadvantages of coal, burning large amounts of coal destroys the ozone layer. It should also be said that new technologies in the coal industry, are improving the effects that coal production has on the environment.

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